H1N1 perspective

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More perspective on the flu: in February I wrote about two flu-related deaths in Maryland. While that news made the Washington Post, it didn't get the media coverage that this recent H1N1 outbreak is receiving.

With all the recent news to rant about, I neglected to mention the passing of Bea Arthur.
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I remember watching Golden Girls at my grandpa and grandma's house as a child, somehow feeling affinity for the characters. I didn't know then that the characters were really a bunch of gay men.

Happy news: Arlen Specter switches parties. The narrow-minded GOP tent is shrinking fast.

I was invited to write for DC's Bilerico Project but was stumped about what to write about for a while. Reports of the death of gay nightlife have been greatly exaggerated was all I could come up with. Former personal bloggers getting "legit" gigs often have the same problem - it seems once we're actually assigned something to do, a writer's block comes up. I'll try to brainstorm for more Bilerico-friendly entries in the future.

OMG I'm in MWs 'Scene' photo gallery.

Wednesday Woof: New York Rangers hockey dude Paul Mara sporting a fine playoff beard, and Portugese Formula One driver Tiago Vagaroso da Costa Monteiro with natural, unadulterated eyebrows and a crisp goatee. Click to embiggen:Paul MaraTiago Monteiro
Attention gay men: please stop sculpting and overtrimming your natural, masculine eyebrows. Drag Queens and the monobrowed are exempt from this request.

I've officially left the 90s and am phasing out my AOL account to my Gmail e-mail account. AOL was becoming too buggy and rife with annoying, blinky ads. Goodbye, AOL chat rooms. It was fun while it lasted.

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Donald said:

Do you know that you can have your gmail account pull your aol mail into it to read and respond from?

Herb said:

I am suddenly a new fan of Fornula One racing. I have always been a fan of natural, unadulterated eyebrows and a crisp goatee

Rick said:

Thanks for the PSA on eyebrow-torture. It's really been getting out of hand, I say. I don't care if mine make me look like Ernest Borgnine, they're my eyebrows dammit. I shall not mangle them.

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