Woooooof Wednesday

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Normally I don't go for the clean shaven, but the Washington Capitals' Brooks Laich is strikingly handsome.

Photos found on this person's blog.

Adorkable deaf guy sign language guy signs to Britney Spears' "Womanizer." I wonder if he's from Gallaudet?

Some of my favorite rugby images from SanDanDiego's awesome photoblog:
And congrats to Ireland for their 6-Nations Championship Grand-Slam title for 61 years. Clearly I blessed them when I was there this fall. Here's Leinster's Felipe Contepomi:

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phil said:

Have to agree with you mate , san dan diegos photos are amazing .
Being a rugby fan myself , helps to appreciate those rugger pics that little bit more ! Or should that read a gay rugby fan ?
felipe contepomi , Wooooooooof or wot ? !! Crawl over broken glass time .

Marty said:

Thumbs up on Brooks Laich! I like the straight nose and deep-set, large eyes...very sexy! I'm sure he has other attributes I'd like as well! :p

tony said:

Hey Jimbo, that womanizer video is great, and although the guy is a great signer, he's not deaf. He's a sign language interpreter.

Thanks for the link to Talk-Sports. We returned the favor with links back to your blog on all our Laich pages. May we ask how we can get a link in your blogroll sidebar?

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