This week is Freedom to Marry Week

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marryweek.gifThis week pledge to take part in 7 Conversations in 7 Days in honor of the 12th annual Freedom to Marry Week, February 8-14, 2009. Join in the pledge today!

Several states, including New York and New Jersey, are poised to consider marriage equality this year. The California Supreme Court will consider the legality of Prop 8 on March 5.

While I am not in a situation to marry anytime soon, I have same-sex friends in California and New Jersey who are either married or whose marriage is threatened. For those of you who are ambivalent about the issue, think of those people. For many, it was the best and most important day of their lives. And should a trick go wrong some day and turn into a relationship for those of you die-hard tricksters and single folk, you may one day find yourself caring about the issue all of a sudden. Sharing information about why marriage is important to us is an important part of the effort.

A detailed treatise on the complexities of the DC Bear scene diaspora since the closing of Titan's Ramrod.

More news about bedbugs from my favorite insect geek bloggess Bug Girl

A cab crashed into Solly's early Saturday morning. Were any of The New Gay injured?

More photos from the past keep turning up on Facebook, as my friends from college, high school or Peace Corps keep diggin' up the archives. The photo below was taken by a fellow Peace Corps volunteer during my service in Kazakstan, some time in 1996 or 1997 at a friend's flat in Almaty, then the capitol of Kazakstan. I think I was excited to have found a can of pork and beans at a kiosk or the bazaar, and was going crazy happily cookin' up some dogs on the skillet.
I found pork and beans!
I wish I still had that hat. I think it belonged to Kevin in Almaty.

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homer said:

I like the cutting boards hanging on the wall.

401a Author Profile Page said:

You had a perfect body back then too! ;)

Domino's pizza... mmmm.... I'm hungry.

jimbo Author Profile Page said:

The bod was courtesy of daily attacks of diarrhea and extreme cold in the winter months. I could count the number of days I had solid bowel movements during my entire service on one hand.

Marty said:

...and your kitchen is IMMACULATE!

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