disco box mortal combat

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Last night/this morning at the club was a good release. While the music wasn't as good as I had hoped, it was fun to go out with friends and cut loose a bit. Early on it was determined that I held beard supremacy at the premesis for the evening - that is until Doug Rule appeared on the scene with his scruffy entrourage. So to maintain beard supremacy I had to challenge him to nonlethal combat up on the disco box armed with oversized Q-tips. The first to be knocked off the disco box loses. It was a draw so we were forced to the opposite sides of the dance floor by combat officials.

Rami from Project Runway season 4 was cheering from the crowd, but I couldn't tell who he was rooting for.

There were an alarming amount of Jennifers present, most of whom I guessed were part of bridal shower parties. I hear they like to frequent Town these days, much to the annoyance of the gays. They clearly don't know how to conduct themselves in a gay bar. Between me and my crew, we picked up at least thee empty cocktail glasses off the dance floor. Leaving your empty glasses on the dance floor is a big no-no. You can trip on them or they can spill, leaving for a slippery/sticky dance experience. In fact, down your drinks before you get on the dance floor if you can't handle your drinks. And ladies, leave the giant purses at home. Accessorize with a smaller club-sized purse for when you'll be milling in large crowds. Please be mindful of pre-existing clusters of gays as well. If you run on the dance floor and start dry humping your gay chaperone in the midst of us, we are forced to watch this overt display of heterosexuality and are not amused. In fact we left.

From Rodger: Fox is considering a pilot sci-fi show called Virtuality, which features a gay character.

I do plan on seeing Role Models tomorrow, featuring Seann William Scott and Paul Rudd. Thanks everyone for the SWS alerts!

Tip from Boobob, dreamy, scruffy Brit crooner/songwriter Tom Baxter features all kinds of couples on the video for "Better."

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Mel said:

Paul Rudd is more my speed, but I've heard good things so far about 'Role Models'.

Mike A said:

"that is until Doug Rule appeared on the scene with his scruffy entrourage" -- that is priceless! love it. the last time i was in town was during the spring and he was all about doing his stomping dance from left to right. combat boots pouncing on your feet hurt no matter what size they are! LOL.

copp3rred.wordpress.com Author Profile Page said:

Jennifers are evil and must be schooled when they misbehave, otherwise they will bring their utterly uncomfortable bfs along next time and totally bring a place down.

I saw Rami at Whole Foods earlier this week, but kept an appropriate distance.

SWS was on Chelsea Lately, showing off ink and being fondled mentally by adoring fans.

cb said:

I LOVE Rami! I bet he is hot as hell in bed!

Glad you didn't lose in combat.

Sean said:

You're welcome for the SWS tip. Scrufftacular...

The Gay '90s here in the Twin Cities has basically been turned into a bar for bachelorette parties full of women who want to see real live homos. I rarely go to the bars, but it steams me to see these women there to celebrate a right we don't have. Grrrrrr.

rodger said:

Damn...I've been so busy I didn't notice you mentioned my news. Actually, didn't expect you to post it but simply read it...not that I'm complaining or anything...really.

Belated thanks for the link Jimbo!

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