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Voting day is Tuesday, November 4th (for me), and although my voting trends tend to be in line with typical DC voting patterns, I'm gonna go vote anyway. My vote is more critical at the local level, where we have to rid the neighborhood of several old-time symbols of urban rot and inefficiency.

No, my first name ain't 'voter', it's 'Janet'.  'Miss Jackson' if you're nasty.If you're having a hard time making your decisions on who to vote for, try my time-tested measure, something I call "The Janet Jackson Rule" (not to be confused with "The Pleasure Principle" by the same artist). When thinking about a candidate or organization to support, ask yourself "What Have You Done For Me Lately?" and carefully consider your answers to yourself.

I will vote for active, involved local representatives for the ANC 02 positions, like Kevin Chapple who has done a great job in our ANC 0202 neighborhood. I have met Kevin, Alex Padro, and Theresa Sule (remember these names) at neighborhood meetings and they are communicative, positive, active and involved in their community. I'm generally endorsing along Miss In Shaw, Daddy 5-0 and RenewShaw's lines. I guess that makes us a coven, or possibly a cabal.

Anyway, my endorsements go to the candidates in bold:

Padro.jpg2C01 Alexander M. "Alex" Padro (incumbent, at right)
2C01 Mary A. Sutherland
2C01 Sarah Livingston

Alex knows what's up, is involved with the community and has demonstrated the ability to get things done.

Chapple.jpg2C02 Kevin Chapple(incumbent, at left)
2C02 Leroy Thorpe

Again, I vote for the person who has gets things done. Kevin spends a lot of time solving problems and gives attention to issues in our neighborhood. The alternative is unthinkable. 2C02 will only go backwards under Thorpe's rule. Vote forward.

Lanza.jpg2C03 Doris L. Brooks (incumbent)
2C03 Jessica Lanza (at right)

Jessica Lanza promises to represent the forgotten people in the new buildings at Gallery Place and Penn Quarter. These citizens may be new to the neighborhood, but they're still citizens and need represenation. PS: Said forgotten people also need to reprezent themselves, so get out there and vote.

Sule.jpg2C04 Barbara Curtis (incumbent)
2C04 Theresa Sule (at left)

I've met Theresa, she's active in the community and is a positive force for tangible change in the community.

Obama.jpgFor those of you in my neighborhood who do not trust your ballots in the hands of Shiloh's Family Life Center or need to vote early, you can vote at the DC Board of Elections and Ethics at 441 4th Street, NW, Suite 250 North. Voters wishing to vote in-person at the Board's office may do so from 8:30 a.m. until 4:45 p.m. between Monday, October 20th and Monday November 3rd (including Saturdays but not Sundays).

And I'm voting for Senator Barack Obama for U.S. President because the White House needs a huge mocha enema and I think we need someone with the middle name "Hussein" as our nation's leader. And because I don't want to look at Senator Twitchy Tapioca Face anymore, and because I'm frightened by Governor End-Of-Days from Alaska.

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kiri said:

Senator Twitchy Tapioca Face - PRICELESS.

Dax said:

My mother ... a life long Republican is voting for Obama this election.

Her reasons. 1) she is sick and tired of the crap of the past 8 years 2) she cant vote for Ai'chaiya (inside joke) But mainly because she found out on her own , Palin's Policies in regards to rape victims havig to pay for their own rape kits in Alaska and also because Palin's Husband was (up until she became Gov. Of Alaska) part of a political organization to Make Alaska separate from the United States and become its own autonomous entity.

In her eyes that makes Palin's Husband a traitor to the United States.

Also she can't stand Palin's suedo accent and voice. Which according to my mother "can curdle frsh milk"

homer said:

"because the White House needs a huge mocha enema"- have you thought about a career as a speech writer? I think you would make Obama's speeches exciting, everyone would wonder, "What is he going to say next!!!"

Kevin is very handsome... that alone is reason to vote for him.

Jujupiter said:

Yeah! Janet Jackson 2008!
Oops, I meant, Obama 2008!

Rob A said:

I'm *so* glad I'm in Ward 6 and ANC6C where we have an ANC that works well together and for the betterment of the community.

AND ...

Have you seen the latest Ward 2 Voting problems?


Sean said:

I love that when Obama is innaugurated, all those racist inbred yokels will have to hear him say "I, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, do solemnly swear..." (Of course, the sound of his voice will be slightly muffled by the white hoods the yokels are wearing.)

An an unrelated note, did you know that the hot guy who danced with Janet in "What Have You Done for me Lately" is now a woman? I saw him on Sally Jesse Raphael years ago, after he'd had his surgery. He was very pretty, but I liked him better as a boy.

He was also featured prominently in the Pebbles video for (ironically) "Mercedes Boy."


cb said:

Wow- who knew that this blog was one of those "Anti American" areas of the country...

A vote for Osama (I mean oBama) is a vote for a one-man terrorist cell, you know! :-)

CB needs to start his comments with ... I read that and thought what the F***... and then realized oh... it is just CB.

Mike said:

I'm so glad those downtrodden residents of the new $750,000 condominiums in Gallery Place/Penn Quarter finally are getting a voice. The oppression of the upper upper middle class is too much to bear.

jimbo Author Profile Page said:

Mike: Despite the costs of their homes, they're American citizens and DC taxpayers. The incumbent Doris Brooks doesn't even know they exist, much less pay them audience in her private chambers (no recording devices allowed, no parlimentary procedure, with Wyrmtounge whispering from the shadows). Even in DC, with taxation without representation, we have local representation that should be shared with everyone, not just "those new folks" in the neighborhood.

CBinCa said:

I am not to be confused with CB! So the Whitehouse needs a mocha enema? Hmm, just about any enema will do! But Congress, But Congress, But Congress...lwith ratings lower than President Bush's, a major cleansing is necessary. Some who need defeat: Pelosi, Murfa, Barney Franks, Henry Waxman, Maxine Waters. Sadly, here in Ca we have two wacko Senators whose time for defeat is long overdue. But neither is up for re-election! Why focus on congress? The crook Raynes who made 90 mill off Fannie-May needs to be indicted, charge, tries, and if guilty of "cooking the books" to steal that money, should go to prison. But will Congress do that? Not if it isn't changed!

sam said:

Election and Ethics? Really?

copp3rred.wordpress.com Author Profile Page said:

Who is your pick for the At Large seats? Chunky jewelry, or party line totin' neophyte?

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