There Will Be Mud

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We got very muddy on Saturday, but it was worth the wins. While my ball handling (or simply ball-getting) skills needed help in the slippery mess, I had a few good ruck clearings as flanker. Apparently this match was integral in getting us into the playoffs for the first time, which is a milestone that happens on our team's 10th anniversary season. Woot!

After hand rinsing and double-washing my game clothes, I spruced up to go and catch some Olivia Newton-John at Omega. There I learned that O.N-J's career was strong long before Grease, which I'm somewhat ashamed to admit I was ignorant of. She was part of a duo with Pat Carroll, who eventually married John Farrar, who wrote songs for both Grease and Xanadu. I was schooled and humbled big time by VJ Tre's masterful video archivism.

Here is a very young and furry-chested Cliff Richard, a longtime collaborator with O.N-J, singing "If I Could Talk to the Animals," circa 1968:

After watching the O.N-J video extravaganza, I went to a housewarming party attended by a few friends of mine who have been on a very successful track with Weight Watchers. But one of them fell off the wagon and went berserk after getting some cake frosting on his face. I think the sudden intake of carbs and points through his skin was too intoxicating to handle all at once, and he began to spread the frosting all over his face, moaning in exstacy. I decided that was a good moment to leave.

mike roweDIrty Jobs hunk Mike Rowe has been voted number one gay fantasy by readers. This time he accepts the distinction with grace.

I really liked Into the Wild directed by Sean Penn starring Emile Hirsch, and am looking forward to seeing both of them in the biopic Milk. It's directed by Gus Van Sant and comes out in theatres on November 26, and also stars Josh Brolin and James Franco. It's bound to be good. You can view the trailer here, and even download it to your iPhone! Feel free to talk about your experience with the trailer on your iPhone in the comments section, on your own blog, or on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

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Mel said:

I'm pretty sure I had some awareness of ON-J pre-Grease, but we were more of an Abba household. Well, Abba and musicals, so I was totally primed when I saw "Grease" in the theater. My mom's record collection turned me gay. Author Profile Page said:

Frosting: Gurl or the refugee from Ashburn?

When you marry Mike Rowe, there's better not be a mud-wrestling event incorporated in the vows.

Herb said:

More Cliff Richards videos, please!

Kevin M said:

I guess I must be a tad older than you, Jimbo - I can clearly remember some of ONJ's early US hits, like "Let Me Be There," "Have You Never Been Mellow," "I Honestly Love You," "Please Mr. Please"... I also remember the flap when the CMA named her Female Vocalist of the Year - a lot of good old bubbas couldn't believe an Australian could be as good as Loretta Lynn and others who she beat for the award.

After all, they wouldn't have picked her for "Grease" if she didn't have some star appeal already, would they?

Tre said:

Thanks for coming out Jim - always appreciate the support you show. Hope you enjoyed the early Livvy footage.


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