getting out of bed for less than $10,000 a day

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Starting an evening with two cosmos at Duplex is always a guarantee for a wild evening followed by a rough morning. I got to hang out with Joe.My.God, who was in town for the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association national convention here in DC. Later on we went to a party hosted by Mike Rogers of BlogActive fame, where I got to meet Michelangelo Signorile who brought the gun show to the party (he's totally stacked - wooof).

In addition to a hangover, I came away from the gathering with the awareness that the idea of a "blog" is now mostly attributed to political or punditry blogs, and that ye olde personale journale bloge is a subset of the category, not the other way around like it used to be back in tha day. It doesn't bother me, it's just a sign of the times. Most of the political bloggers didn't know who I was, and I described my blog as one that "provides thousands of hours for government and office workers to goof off in their spare time." I just don't get that whipped up about politics most of the time, and this blog serves mostly as a way to record my thoughts about things as I have a bad memory. Some day I want to take the personal part of this blog and put it to print, just in case the electromagnetic pulse bomb goes off over North America and wipes everybody's hard drive clean.

I roused myself outta bed on Saturday for another photoshoot, as I am willing to get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day. For what I will not say, but I'm sure you'll read about it later. Then I headed over to RFK Memorial Stadium to help out with a team fundraiser. I'm not sure we hauled in a lot of money, but we did recruit a lot of cuties I hope will show up later.
Rugby practice has begun, and with it those first few weeks of aching pain that comes with the callousment of the muscles and bone structure. That ache eventually goes away as I become more brain damaged while the season progresses. Even though I got hit in the ribs and had my right hand stomped on by a cleated boot, I'm fine now. Sometimes I think I'm like Claire the cheerleader from Heroes, but I probably shouldn't say that out loud too much or I'll really get it some day.

A process engineer's schematic for determining the answer to the question: why do we scream at each other?
Doves cry
John McCain Campaign Takes a +3 Vorpal Blade to Dungeons & Dragons Players

Tonight at D&D Mark sowed the greatest amount of chaos a gamer has ever produced during a gaming session I've led. Sure, he was role playing being posessed by an ancient evil, but alerting an entire keep of monsters right when the party was trying to sneak in sure made for a lot of paperwork by the dungeon master (moi). He pushed one of the halflings off the keep wall, landed in the courtyard and then screamed bloody murder with the intent of alerting the entire compound. It worked (for him), but my head almost exploded, as the keep's ogre sergeant and bad girl half-elf sorceress all came out fully prepared for invasion. Somehow they managed to pull it off, but they went through the adventure the wrong way, as they always do.


Luther said:

Jimbo, keep doing your own thing ,those political blogs are a dime a dozen!

Scott said:

Maybe it's that it's really early in the morning, but that flow chart cracked me up!

cb said:

I do rather enjoy the song lyric pie charts and flow diagrams... although this one pushes it just a touch.

Leo said:

*shakes head*
The the battle plan never lasts past the first engagement.
This is why i don't wanna DM for a bit.
I wanna be creative in another way . . actually playing.

Jim said:

Just as Tip used to say... "All politics is local." You have an amazing blog and a great style. Keep it up... we don't need to conform to anyone's notion of what is a blog, political or otherwise.

I am intrigued and have to know what the photoshoot was, Doppelganger Jim...

Btw, you and Anthony look so damn cute in your header pic. Brilliant. ;)

Sean said:

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: that flowchart is a work of genius.

I love just the way it is! Screw political blogs. I'm so sick of the endless campaign cycle. I started my own blog to force myself to get back to a daily writing habit. I write to keep my brain sharp and entertain msyelf. It's nice that I appear to entertain other people, too, but that's just a bonus.

Perhaps that makes me a selfish bastard. I'll have to blog about that, see if I come up with an answer.

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