trouble comes in threes

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Life suddenly sped up around here in the middle of an otherwise sleepy summer. In addition to the unexpected trip to NYC this weekend and the job starting up soon, my brother decided to pop in for a visit. Here's us last year at our hometown Korn Fest celebration:
We'll probably go see the Muppet exhibit, and whatever museum or attraction he'd like to see.

You can't really say that a funeral was fun to attend. I was pretty exhausted after all of it, but I needed to go, even though it was a shock to see him not moving around like he always was. But I think that was why I had to go, as some part of me still couldn't believe it. It's different when someone is sick in the hospital, you're prepared in some fashion if they pass. I did get a chance to briefly meet his family and good friends, which was nice. The lesson learned as always is you never know when some will go, so enjoy your time with good people when you can.

The funeral was also a convenient reminder that I need to buy a blazer and more white shirts before I start this new job. I had not been shopping for new work clothes the past couple of years, and most of my surviving clothes are either too casual, a bit ragged or just old-looking.

Odd news from the DC area:

17 Ducks Found Dead in Capitol Reflecting Pool

Noxious Weed Sickens Six Who Ate Stew

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Lee said:

Oh! So the job is indeed yours now? Congrats! What is it? (email if you still don't wanna post publicly about it).

jimbo Author Profile Page said:

Yes, I have a job that starts on the 21st. But I cannot write about it here because certain fake bloggers will take that information and put it on their blogs and get me fired.

Jeffrey said:

I must say ... the brother is awfully cute.

Lee said:

"...But I cannot write about it here"

Cobban said:

Your brother is cute. Congrats on the job. We're going to be in DC in October--this time for fun. Hope to see you.

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