how to avoid "carb face"

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Do you or any of your friends have "carb face" after the cocktail-laden holiday season? Go no further than to this article about how to keep the carb face away while cocktailing.

My brother, who is a windsurfing/snowboarding bum in Portland, Oregon says you should watch the 2008 MAVERICKS SURF CONTEST® tomorrow with live webcasting of monster waves, rah.

I might actually make it to "'Woof' on tha 1-7*" at Cobalt tonight.


I don't know much about Sarah Brightman, but on her new album she does a duet with Paul Stanley of KISS and her album cover is fierce:
Sarah Brightman


So here's a "leak" from the Cloverfield marketing crew - it's not Godzilla but a Blue Whale crossed with a Sea Monkey with crab lice that terrorize Manhattan.
Cloverfield Monster
Despite the transparent hype tactics I still wanna see some gargantua kaiju kick some ass.


Jake said:

Sweetie, Sarah Brightman is Andrew Lloyd Weber's ex, and the fortunate diva for whom the part of "Christine" was written in The Phantom of the Opera.

Now give me your gay card so I can cut the corner off...

Boo Augustus said:

Damn, that was going to be my look next year for Miss Adams Morgan/Dupont High Heel Race. That bitch stole my styling.

atari_age said:

WTF is carb-face? Is it like having confectioner's sugar all over your mouth?

Re: Cloverfield. Yeah, I am very very much looking forward to the film, and hoping for the best. Wassisface at aint it cool news loved it, but evidently he loved the US Godzilla movie too, so...

I'm not sure that's a "real" leak, btw. There's been a butt-load of speculation out there.

When I saw the trailer for this I thought "Oh boy, NYC gets destroyed AGAIN." A land based life form that size is physiologically impossible, but you know, it's Hollywood.

Sean said:

I have to admit, I'm intrigued by the trailers for "Cloverfield." It's like "Blair Witch" meets "Godzilla." (I wonder if people in the theaters will get motion sick from all the shaky video like they did in "Blair Witch".)

I predict that the whole film will collapse once the monster is shown on screen. If they were smart, we'd never get a clear view of thing destroying NYC.

cb said:

two things:

first- Sarah Brightman. EWWWWWWWW>

second- I completely approve of the type of hype around Cloverfield. It reminds me of Alien, where you never really got to see what the hell it looked like. Very scary!

Gryphoncub said:

I went and saw Cloverfield at the midnight showing last night. The monster in the pic is not the monster in the movie. The shaky camera is way over the top. My husbear had to leave the theater and he's never gotten motion sickness before.

Manhattan said:

I like that Cloverfield prototype monster more than the one they ended up going with... but I guess a giant whale wouldn't have been that scary...