An Evening With Scott Bakula and TJ

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Cold Brett FavreSadly, the Packers will not make it to the Superbowl this year, having lost during overtime this Sunday despite the cold:

"The temperature at kickoff was minus-1 degree, making it the second-coldest home game in Packers history; only the Ice Bowl on Dec. 31, 1967 (minus-13) was colder. The wind chill was minus-23 degrees; only the Ice Bowl (minus-46) and a Dec. 22, 1990 game against Detroit (minus-35) were worse."
It was cold here in DC for most of the weekend as well, well below freezing, which helped our rugby team's coat check duties during a couple Mid-Atlantic Leather events. We make good money from tips doing that and we won't lose your coat.

Back to Friday, where TJ and I attended "An Evening With Scott Bakula," at the nice new Harmon Center for the Arts building across from the Verizon Center. Bakula looks pretty damn hot for 54, and his television roles are relatively few in comparison to his stage and musical experience - who knew? He presented a montage of medley numbers from the American theatre songbook in a cabaret style delivery. Let's just say I'm not that big of a Bakula fan, nor of the cabaret genre. I guess I'm more of a some-time fan of musical soundtracks - but I don't really need to see them live. He's very talented though, and the seats were good. Later on we ate lots of sushi.

Aside from the Sunday night dance at the 9:30 Club, I really didn't do much MALing. After coat check duty on Saturday I went over to the host hotel lobby to catch up with folks, and saw Bubbala and Mumi, who claimed to have spotted one of my clones in the crowd. I told Jason I wanted to see my clone, so he led the hunt to find my clone and we found him, and sure enough he was hot. I would totally do my clone.

Me and OMG DJ TM™ went to the Reaction Dance together on Sunday, and I was able to catch up with a lot of friends including Dreamy Ron and Joe.My.God. I somehow managed to start talking to possibly the hottest guy there (in my opinion), but according to Tim I was very unfocused and did not pay attention to the hot guy enough - TM was probably right - I was tounge-tied and A.D.D. and the hottie got away. TM also kept promising me that Grace Jones was going to make an appearance, which was a cruel joke in the end and I was let down. But the music was good and I got my groove on for a bit and fun was had.

Today me and Bubbles and Gurl and Skwurl went to see Cloverfield. I was worried I was gonna barf from the ShakyCam™ technique used to film the movie, but it wasn't so bad. The giant monster wasn't like the concept sketch I posted a while back, it was more like a classic Dungeons and Dragons Tarrasque, with mean fleas that dropped off the gargantua and attacked people. Like most monster movies, I wanted to see more monster and less people.

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mlehet Author Profile Page said:

I was sorta glad that the monster wasn't the one you posted.

I was a little upset with myself for looking at it because they did such a good job of keeping it a secret. Although I think it's brilliant that they released a fake monster just to keep everyone happy.

Boo Augustus said:

I liked Cloverfield. Thought the Blair Witch meets Godzilla angle was kind of refreshing an original. And it had a certain Kafkaesque quality that always gives me the chills . . . we have no idea what's going on, why it's happening to me and how to get out of it. After browsing the net a little though, I understand I missed a few things in the movie . . . the "it's still alive" recorded message after the credits and something dropping into the ocean in the background of the Coney Island video segment. I think I liked the movie better when there wasn't any idea of where the moster comes from or how its ends.

cb said:

So, all in all not a very 'bear' weekend. Musical Theater? Sushi??

Jeff said:

I liked Cloverfield a lot. Not a big fan of the shaky cam stuff but it fits the story being told. Love the unanswered questions, the mystery and the absolute grimness of the situation. Looking forward to seeing it again to pick up on things I missed.

Bob said:

I love the new masthead. Great photo choice!

Princess Superstar said:

Whoa. D&D monster manual entry as point of reference? Rock much?

Chuck said:

Great new banner.

Sarah Jean said:

Nice masthead. Great colors and picture.

Sean said:

Okay, I'm late to the party, but I, too, really like the blog's new look, and you're delightfully woofy in the banner image.

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