Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy

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Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy, 1968.
Thursday, June 28, 8 pm: Ring Auditorium of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC.
The year is AD 40,000. Floating buff and blissful in zero gravity, Barbarella (Jane Fonda) is suddenly interrupted by a call from the president of Earth (Claude Dauphin). Duran Duran (Milo O’Shea) is threatening the ancient universal peace, and Barbarella must find him and save the world. The Great Tyrant (Anita Pallenberg), Dildano (David Hemmings), and Professor Ping (Marcel Marceau) also figure in Roger Vadim’s racy space period piece shot by Claude Renoir.

Summer began last week and the weather has been glorious. Unusually dry for this area, my sweat is actually able to do what it was meant to do. This weekend I unpacked a lot more boxes at home and the place is more livable. TechSkwurl replaced my motherboard and all is fast and good on the PC. And I now enjoy the freedom of my bike now that it's back from the bike shop that runs out of wheels.


Chad said:

I'm confused. Is the first paragraph the plot of the movie? I thought it was some bad cave man epic or something.
I was recently told my gay card was revoked by some of my straight friends 'cuz I've never heard of Xanadu.

CarloMUC said:

Hi Jimbo :o)
did you hear of a certain "Shayne Ward" already?
(very woofy)

jimbo said:

Barbarella is more of a space ranger, actually. There are no cavemen in the film. It's all very psycho-futuristic.

Mark said:

The is a VERY furry gentleman in Barbarella named Ugo Tognazzi, who, if memory serves correctly plays a fur trapper named Mark Hand.

Barbarella also features Jane spouting such deathless dialog as "Decrucify the Angel or I'll melt your face!!"

All in all, a worthy pursuit for a hot Thursday night.

Stash said:

I was just commenting to a friend on Ventrilo the other day that movies like Barbarella and Logan's Run are due for a remake sometime in the next few years.

I mean, c'mon. If Charlie's Angels can, why not?

cb said:

Early on, I had a thing for Pygar the blind angel. But then I realized I was much more attracted to the fur trader daddy.

bryce said:

Not only do I own the Barbarella soundtrack on vinyl (original!) and CD, but I have the DVD and hanging in my living room is an amazing framed Japanese poster that Neil gave me for Christmas a few years back. I guess you could say I'm a fan. ;)

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